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5 Quick, Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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Looking for ways to increase your home’s value? If you’re a homeowner, your house is likely your biggest asset—and so it’s important to make smart improvements that will help it appreciate over time. Luckily, a project doesn’t have to be big in order to make a big impact.

6 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

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Committing to a house color can feel completely overwhelming. Here’s the good news: With a few carefully considered questions, it is possible to feel confident in your paint selection. Ahead, read our top tips before taking the plunge into painting.

3 Must-Know Tips for Cutting Costs On Your Next Home Improvement Project

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Home improvement projects can be bottomless money pits. In fact, these budgets notoriously spiral out of control — and it’s all too easy to get sucked up in what you think you want versus what you really need. Here’s the good news: With a bit of planning, practicality and patience, you can achieve the house of your dreams without winding up in crippling debt. Ahead, we’re covering our three top tips every homeowner should know before taking on a home improvement project.

5 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Summer

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Utility bills are often highest in the months where weather is the most extreme. However, it might not be just heating and cooling your home that’s leading to such a spike in your energy bill — it might also be that you aren’t following certain best practices. Here are five tips to reduce your energy bill this summer and stay cool for less: