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Breaking It Down: Flat Panel Style

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You’ve made a decision: you want flat panel shutters. Congrats! However, there are a few more stylistic decisions to make in order to ensure you get the exact right shutters for you. Let’s break it down.


First, let’s talk material. You know you like the look of the flat panel, so now it’s time to think about what type of material works best with your home and has the benefits you want. You might want to go with a durable composite to minimize long-term effects. Or, maybe you like the look of a particular type of wood, like pine, cedar or mahogany. 

wood with water beads

Number of panels

Flat panel shutters can come in one, two or three panel designs, and the look changes dramatically depending on which option you choose. For instance, a three-panel design makes your shutters stand out slightly more; whereas the classic two-panel or understated one-panel is less likely to be a focal point.

brick home with black flat panel shutters

Mixing it up

Or, you may decide you only want one panel of your shutter to be flat panel style, and the other to be louver. This can add a certain element of character and intrigue to your shutters, so you’ll need to decide if a mixed style is right for you.

grey stucco home with black louvered over flat panel shutters


There are numerous color options to choose from to make sure your shutters complement your home perfectly. From classic white and greys, to colorful greens and blues, the color you choose to paint your shutters is the final decision to getting the exact style you want.

color options

It might seem like a lot of decisions, but you deserve the perfect shutter style. With each decision you make, you’re one step closer to completing the face of your home.

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