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How Do You Know Which Shutter Style is Right For You?

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If you’ve never picked out shutters before, the style choices can be overwhelming. It can be especially challenging to visualize which style will go best with your home. Since purchasing a full set of shutters is a big commitment, you want to make the right choice — so how do you know which style is right for you?

We’re here to help. Try asking these three questions to narrow it down:

  • How much attention do you want your shutters to draw? A more style-forward shutter (like our board and batten, for instance) has a distinct aesthetic and can significantly alter the appearance and style of your home. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect farmhouse feel, that might be music to your ears. However, if you’d rather your shutters take a backseat to other exterior features, you might want something a little more classic, like a paneled or louvered.
  • How do you feel about mixing it up? If you find yourself drawn to more than one style, you might be happy to learn that you can have the best of both worlds. With shutters that have one style on the top and another on the bottom, there’s no need to choose between two favorites.
  • What practical considerations do you need to make? As tempting as it can be to focus on style first, you may have some practical boxes to check off first. For instance, if you intend to have functioning shutters that you open and close, the slats on the louvered style might be your best bet. Or, if you know the farmhouse style of board and batten wouldn’t work well with your colonial home, that can help narrow it down right off the bat.

Beyond these three questions, we recommend just going with your gut. Browse through the selection of styles and see what catches your attention. And here’s the good news: with so many great styles to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. 

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