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How to Mix Shutter Colors and Materials Like a Pro

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Your home’s exterior should feel like a reflection of your personality — but if everyone simply painted their house their favorite color, there would be a lot more purple, pink, and bright aqua homes in the neighborhood. The truth is that finding the right color is about more than just preference. Using a mix of materials and textures is equally important in adding balance and intrigue to your home. 

The result should be something that your HOA and future prospective buyers will also find attractive. Ahead, we’re exploring a few of our favorite color and material combinations that will give your home the curb appeal boost it deserves.

Modern Love: Natural Wood, Soft Black, Dark Gray

For a standout contemporary look, consider stain instead of paint as part of your color equation. Stained flat panel cedar shutters give an organic feel to a home with matte gray paint, sharp black trim and a black front door. This look works especially well if you have newer-style windows with large glass panes. Add plenty of lush greenery to your front porch to soften the entire aesthetic.

Nice Neutrals: Slate, Stone, and Shades of Gray

If you have slate-colored shingles and a gray stone siding feature, play up the colors within the stone for a cohesive, can’t-go-wrong combination. Use a dark gray primary paint color with a lighter gray paint for trim, gutters, and composite shutters (“Peppercorn” with “Agreeable Gray” by Sherwin-Williams is one of our favorite combos!). For an added pop, choose a rusty red color for the front door.

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Timeless Classic: Red Brick, Black Roof, Louvered Shutters 

For a look that stands the test of time, this classic color combination is failproof. A strong red brick needs a complementary color that isn’t easily overpowered — and that’s why black is one of the most popular shutter color selections for this look. With louvered composite shutters, you can achieve that timeless charm (even if the louvers  aren’t functional) plus enjoy the perks of modern materiality and enhanced durability. 

black louver shutters brick home

Fresh Farmhouse: Metal + Soft Whites

Metallic roofs have a vintage vibe, but they are commonly used in modern architecture to add interesting texture to a home. If you live in a particularly hot climate, lighter shades can reflect more sun and actually keep your home cooler (hello, reduced energy bills!). A patina green metal roof pairs well with a creamy white primary. Going for a more classic look? Try a gray metal roof with bone white paint and light blue board and batten shutters.  

Spanish Snippets: Stucco, Copper, and Tan

You can jazz up a home with stucco siding and a tiled roof by incorporating bold copper accents on the rainware. Consider taupe or tan trim, or even a muted, earthy green. A copper bay window can make a nice focal point, too.

Spanish style home with shutters

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