Product Spotlight: Flat Panel Shutters

Product Spotlight: Flat Panel Shutters

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Choosing your shutter style can often feel like an overwhelming decision. While it can be a challenge to know what will look right on your home before you purchase, the more you know about your choices, the more confident you’ll be when making a decision. That’s why today, we’re spotlighting one particular style: flat panel shutters.

Flat panel shutters generally include one, two or three panels that are — you guess it — flat instead of raised. This subtle texture adds a delicate shadowing to your shutters, while still maintaining a classic look. Unlike other styles, the flat panel is understated. By choosing the flat panel, you can flank your windows with a shutter that blends, while still complementing your home.

While other styles — like board and batten or louver, for example — do more with lines and shadows, flat panel shutters keep it simple and traditional. This style is a safe bet for someone who prefers minimalist décor, because you’ll never have to worry about the flat panel going out of style.

Whether you choose one or two flat panels, or if you decide to mix it up and combine styles (maybe louver over flat panel, for instance?), it’s important to find a shutter that will speak to your home’s personal style for many years to come. When in doubt, use what you’ve learned about flat panel shutters today, then listen to your instincts.

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