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Should You Hire a Contractor?

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Taking on a big home project yourself to save some money can be tempting — but how do you know when to do it yourself and when to bring in the pros?

As much as we wish we could give you a straightforward answer, the decision of whether to hire a contractor involves a lot of variables. Let’s break it down.

First and foremost: Think about your DIY experience. Maybe you’ve painted a few rooms, or maybe you’ve completely renovated a bathroom. If your tool collection would need some supplementing to even take on the task at hand, it might be worth considering whether you’re up for the challenge. Taking on a big project with little experience is asking for trouble.

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Next: Think about the time commitment. While it may be nice to save some money, your time is valuable too. If the cost savings won’t outweigh the amount of time you’ll have to put in, hiring out might be worthwhile. You don’t want to end up months down the road on a project, still without any end in sight.

Finally: Think about the risk. For some projects, a DIY gone wrong can still have a fairly simple fix. For others more complex tasks, you could be setting yourself up to need costly repairs if something goes wrong. Or, worse, you could be putting yourself in danger by taking on a risky project, like electrical rewiring or roofing.

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With all of these considerations in mind, let’s think specifically about replacing your shutters. If you have an older home with specialty exterior window treatments, it may be best to leave this task to the pros. However, if you have experience replacing shutters and your window set up isn’t too complex, you may be able to successfully cut some financial corners and replace your shutters yourself — ultimately, it’s a choice that will require your best judgment.

While we don’t staff contractors or have any to recommend, we can help you find the right shutters. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have another decision to make: which shutters are the best fit for your home.

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