grey house with teal shutters and a peach door

Shutter Color Selection: Should You Go Colorful or Neutral?

Shutter Man

Today, shutters are typically used as a beautiful but non-functional design accessory (or, as one of our customers so eloquently put it: “The eyebrows my home needed!”). But where do you begin with picking out a color that will make your home pop?

Generally speaking, complementary colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel. So, first identify your home color, then look across the wheel at what contrasting color family may work. Conversely, a tonal match could be a good fit if you’re looking for a more modern spin on things. Not sure if a color is the right choice for you at all? Perhaps something neutral is more your speed. Either way, we have you covered. Ahead, we’re diving into color match-ups, and which may be a good fit for you. 

Nice and Neutral

Thinking a more understated selection is right for your home? 


Universally appealing, black shutters provide a traditional and timeless look for just about any home. This popular selection works with brick, white, and pastel-color paints — pretty much any exterior home color that exists! Black is a surefire selection, and one that won’t ever stop being in style. 


white house with black shutters



Like black, navy shutters offer a buttoned-up, timeless look, yet they have a bit more personality than traditional black. Exterior home colors that work well with navy shutters include white, yellow, cream, red brick, light blues, and even natural woods. We also love a tone-on-tone look with a lighter blue home and navy shutters. 


Though technically a neutral color, gray shutters can be a modern color selection depending on the color of your exterior. Gray shutters can make a subtle, stylish statement when paired with other neutral colors such as white, off-white, and tan, but can work equally well with a starkly contrasting color or texture, such as brick, stucco, or jewel-toned paint. 

Color Your World!

Make your house pop with a splash of color! 


pink house with light blue house and flower box



Earthy and rich, green hues can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. A popular choice all the way back in colonial times, greens are incredibly impactful in darker tones (think hunter green and forest green) when used on light tan, gray, and brick homes. For a more modern, fresh take, consider sage green for your shutters — and especially if you have an earth-toned home. 


Bold and rich in tone, red shutters are a favorite among homeowners. Red shutters undoubtedly make a style statement, yet they are a classic in their own right. This is a beautiful color choice if your home is tan stone, cream, gray, stucco, or has dark brown wood paneling.


Blue is a charming, whimsical-without-being-weird choice that works with a range of home colors. In fact, blue-hued shutters are the most popular pick among American homeowners! A bright cornflower blue is a common choice among homeowners because it’s unoffensive, yet feels more playful than navy. Best of all, blue works with most anything from red brick and stucco to white and gray. 


red outside of home with blue shutters

Finding a color that perfectly complements your home’s exterior can be a tough job. Hopefully, the tips above at least offer a jumping-off point for your research! For more inspiration, peruse our shutter selection (and color choices) now!