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The 4 Most Common Home Exterior Issues

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Curb appeal can be more than just having an attractive home — it can give an indication to the home’s overall upkeep and maintenance. There are a few common issues with a home’s exterior that crop up time and time again, ranging from “looks sloppy” to “oh, that’s a major problem.” 

From being unsightly to causing major water or pest damage, keeping your exterior in ship shape should be high on your priority list as a homeowner. Some issues are obvious and some are more hidden, but here are the four red flags you should keep an eye out for on your own home (or one that you’re considering purchasing).

#1: Holes in the side of the house

Okay, we’ll start with one in the “obvious” category. It may seem kind of hard to miss a gaping hole in the side of your house, but if it’s tucked up behind a hedge or in a corner behind the flower bed, you might not notice it. 

Often, what happens is that a pipe or cable was run into the home years ago, but that item has since been removed. This is especially true for homes more than 30 years old! Heat and air can escape, and creepy crawlies can get in — no thanks!

#2: Poor drainage 

When it rains, it pours, right? Rain happens, but you can help prevent water damage to your home with good drainage — something that’s lacking for an alarming number of homes. If it’s not handled properly, water pooling around the house can lead to everything from mold to foundation damage. 

It’s a smart idea to install (or repair/replace) gutters, point sprinklers away from your house, and generally grade the landscape away from the foundation.

#3: Damaged siding

This issue is one of the most common problems found on home inspection reports. Vinyl siding is a popular manufacturer pick for its low maintenance and relatively low cost, but it can be a real problem if it becomes loose or wavy. Vinyl siding needs to be nailed down, but not just in the spot it looks wonky. 

The best way to repair a wavy wall is to pull off all the loose pieces, completely re-attach them to the siding, and then nail them to the house. On that note, loose bricks can also be an issue. If you discover a loose brick on your siding, foundation, or chimney, it’s critical to get a mason to repair it as soon as possible in order to avoid future structural problems.

#4: Dilapidated shutters

This one falls more in the aesthetics category, but don’t underestimate how much power new shutters can have in boosting curb appeal. When shutters are rotting, lopsided, peeling, or just downright outdated, it can make the entire home look tired and worn. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to upgrade your exterior shutters — we have a wide range of colors, styles, and materials ready for you to peruse. Get started shutter shopping now!