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What Color Shutters Should You Add to a Brick House?

What Color Shutters Should You Add to a Brick House?

Selecting a shutter color for your home is a challenge no matter what — but it’s especially difficult if you live in a red brick home.

Brick homes are stately and beautiful, but the varied color of brick makes choosing a shutter color anything but straightforward. While it’s most important to honor your own tastes and go with what you think looks good, here are a few shutter colors we recommend for red brick homes.   

  • There’s a reason that black shutters are timeless. This classic look will help the exterior of your home feel complete, without the shutters overshadowing your color scheme.
  • The right shade of blue can provide a pleasing pop of color against a red brick background. Check out our Hamilton Blue shade for inspiration.
  • Light Gray. While white may look a little too stark on a red brick background, gray offers the perfect compromise of warmth, but lightness.
  • A cream or tan colored shutter can offer the same effect, especially if your particular color brick has some lighter undertones.

While these colors are common favorites, many homeowners choose to go bold against brick with brighter colored doors and shutters. Go with what feels right to you! In fact, you could even make a darker shade of red work if your brick is lighter in tone. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut.

Need inspiration? Drive around your neighborhood and see what choices your fellow brick-house neighbors made. 

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