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Which Direction Should Shutter Louvers Face?

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Louvered shutters have been the go-to exterior window treatment for centuries. When they first became popular, people loved the functionality of louvered shutters for both ventilation and privacy from nosy neighbors. Today, faux louvers are the most common choice — and that’s probably because homeowners love the classic look, but don’t need the shutters to open and shut the way they once did. 

Because they are so popular, one question we receive often is: Which way should my louvers face on my shutters? Technically, there is a right way and a wrong way. With operable shutters, you could certainly do whatever suits your personal preference. But with fixed louvers, you want to make sure it’s correct right from the start. 

Here’s the down and dirty answer: Louvers should point down and face back. For a little more context, keep reading!

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When the shutters are open on either side of the window...

The proper positioning is to point the shutter louvers facing down. The reasoning behind this is that any rain or water will naturally cascade down the louvers and not pool up behind the shutters.

When louvers are closed over the window…

The right position for the louvers is down and pointing away from the window. This is for the same reason as above; it will allow the shutters to drain water away from the window, where you don’t want it trapped.

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What about when the louvers don’t move?

It’s important to note that here at Monument Shutters, all of our louvered shutters are decorative, and are not designed to open and close.  In this case, the louvers will still be positioned downward. Although that functionality was nice for ventilation back when the shutters were first used, most people today are simply seeking the aesthetic. 

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From Composite and Pine to Vinyl or Western Cedar, we have a wide selection of louvered shutters for you to choose from. Peruse our range now and find the shutter solution perfect for your home!

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