Why Shutters Are Important for Coastal Homes

Why Shutters Are Important for Coastal Homes

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Living on the coast has a lot of perks — warmer weather, access to beaches, great seafood — but it also requires some additional home maintenance. This is especially true if your beach house is your second home and you spend large chunks of the year away, unable to monitor the weather’s effect on the exterior. 

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That’s why high quality, durable shutters are even more important for coastal homes. Here are three quick reasons why your beach house shouldn’t be without shutters:

  • Sun and air flow control. If your shutters are functional, opening and closing them can help control the influx of sunlight and air to better maintain the temperature of your home — possibly even reducing your utility bill in the process!
  • Extra protection. The ability to close up your shutters in the off season can give your home an extra layer of protection during hurricane season, as well as from the general wear and tear that wind and salty air can have on your windows.
  • Curb appeal. It might not be as practical as the other reasons, but the aesthetic and curb appeal of your beach house is still important. With styles like board and batten, you can easily achieve that perfect coastal cottage feel.

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Since ocean air and high humidity can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home over time, it’s especially important to choose shutters that are prepared to battle the elements. The last thing you want to worry about when you should be soaking up the sun is budgeting for replacement shutters after just a few years. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we think composite shutters are better than wood

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