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Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

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We've entered a new year — and that means it's time to talk about home maintenance.  

There are certain home tasks that are ideal to do or double-check once per year, just to keep your home in great shape. You spend a lot of time inside your house, but how much time do you spend checking over the outside? With this checklist, you can head off exterior problems before they occur and fix damages before they become more costly. 

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Here's how to take care of your home in 2021:  

  1. Check the foundation for any signs of cracking or water damage. 
  2. Examine the roof for any loose shingles. 
  3. Check your gutters for damage and plan to complete biannual cleanings. 
  4. Look at your siding for any peeling or chipping paint. 
  5. Wash your windows, inside and out.
  6. Wipe down your shutters and doors. 
  7. Clean your deck and determine if it needs to be restained and resealed. 
  8. Schedule servicing for your HVAC system.
  9. Check your trees for signs of illness or loose branches. 
  10. Schedule an inspection for your chimney.

While some of these tasks may take on further subtasks depending on what you find, each represents a good starting point to maintaining the health of your home's exterior. You'll be able to start the new year knowing you're on top of the health of your home.

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