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How to Measure for Exterior Shutters

Below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when measuring for your appropriate shutters. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

1. You should measure and record dimensions for all of your windows. Even if windows appear to be exactly the same size, it is best to measure. We make each shutter to the precise dimensions of your home, at no additional charge, so please make sure we know what you need.

2. Use the diagram below to help identify points for measurement.

3. All measurements should be in inches, to the nearest 1/8th (not in feet & inches)

  • i. It is a good idea to enter a short description for the window in the first column (eg: North, left of door). This will help you coordinate different windows.
  • ii. Measure the Shutter Width or Pair Width. Measure the width of the window that will be covered by the shutters in their closed position. Take a measurement at the top of the window, the middle of the window, and the bottom. Record the smallest number. If the window requires shutters on either side, this is your "Pair Width". If the window is smaller and requires only a single shutter (as is sometimes the case with attic windows), this is your "Shutter Width". If these are to be operable, subtract 1/2" from your width measurement to allow the shutters to open and close. If these are fixed or decorative shutters, you should not subtract the clearance space.
  • iii. Record the Shutter Width. This is equal to half the Pair Width if you are measuring for two shutters or is equal to the Shutter Width for one shutter as above. Remember to subtract any clearance space before dividing Pair Widths.
  • iv. Measure the Shutter Height. Measure the height from the inner edge of the bottom sill to the top of the lintel. Measure at the left side, middle, and right side of the window, and use the smaller measurement. If the shutters are to be operable, subtract 1/4".