Measuring for Fixed Mount Exterior Shutters

 Whether you are looking to replace an existing shutter or purchase for a new build or remodel, getting accurate measuring for exterior shutters is important. Measuring for shutters is very simple when you are interested in ordering fixed mount (non functioning - ie do not open and close - shutters).

With fixed mount exterior shutters you should look to measure so that the shutters fit in seamlessly and maintain the desired aesthetic of your home. Below is a quick chart that can help you determine the width per shutter to order based on the size of your window.

The below measurements work for composite, wood and vinyl exterior shutters.

Window Width
 Shutter Width (Per Shutter)
18" - 24"
9", 9¼", or 11"
24" - 28"
28" - 40"
14" or 15"
40" - 43"
15" or 16"
43" - 48"
48" - 50"
20" to 24"


 Check out our more detailed instructions on measuring for exterior shutters here.

You can see our wide offering of exterior shutter materials and finishes all made to order in the US and available to order online here.

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