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The Monument Difference 

Before leaving our facility, all of our shutters must pass a quality control inspection, ensuring the products we put out are all up to our high standard. But our commitment to quality starts long before this inspection — beginning with the processes we’ve chosen to maximize durability. 

Our wood shutters are made from high-quality wood that is kiln-dried, making it less prone to warpage and more resistant to temperature extremes. Our composite shutters are not only resistant to moisture, rot and other weathering effects, they’re also made from sustainable materials with no added urea formaldehyde — making them more environmentally-friendly than other composite shutters. 

Discover the hand-crafted, made-to-order difference of our shutters, with 60,000 variations available per product. Get in touch today.

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When it comes to the face of your home, you shouldn’t have to settle. That’s why Monument Shutters embraces a philosophy of “both, and” for all our products. For instance, our shutters are both handcrafted and affordable. Both high-quality and made in America. Both made to order and exceptionally durable. With us, you never have to choose.

Our manufacturing process combines state-of-the-art equipment with hand-crafted workmanship to ensure you receive the finest custom shutter available. And with our satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty against defects, you can be assured you’re getting the quality your home deserves. Download our full catalog to see all available options.

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