Louvered Composite Wood Exterior Shutter - 2 Equal Sections - 1 Pair

It doesn't get more classic than our Louvered Composite shutters with two equal sections. For timeless style and a durability you can count on thanks to our long-lasting Extira® Composite material, these shutters are designed to stand the test of time.

*Composite louvers are decorative and not functioning louvers

Monument shutters composite material

Durable Performance

Sustainable Construction

For every composite naysayer who complains, “it’s not real wood,” you’ll find us enthusiastically responding with this truth:

No — it’s better!

How It's Made

And we mean it. Our shutters are made from Extira composite material, giving them unmatched durability. How? The secret is in the sustainable construction.

But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Shutters made from Extira composite are literally good for the planet. With an unlaminated, one-piece solid substrate, Extira panels are high-quality, strong and made to last.

And we forgot the best part: they’re also extremely affordable.


"Extira composite shutters are also resistant to moisture, rot and termites — making them the perfect outdoor shutter to stand up to the elements."

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Extira is a treated wood composite panel product made from wood fiber, phenolic resins, zinc borate and a water repellent. While the wood fibers make up 90% of the material, the zinc borate — an EPA-registered biocide — works to control potential rot and other wood-destroying organisms.

So, where does the sustainability come in? Well, Extira is made from wood that has no commercial timber value. By utilizing this locally-sourced “leftover wood” without added urea formaldehyde, Extira panels contribute to industry green building programs and comply with the California Air Resources Board’s Airborne Toxic Control Measure 93120.

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