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What Size Should Your Shutters Actually Be?

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It’s a common problem when ordering shutters online. You find the color and style you want…but you just aren’t sure what size you should order.

Don’t worry! It’s actually a lot less complicated than it seems. 

While measurements for operable shutters need to be precise in order to fully cover your window when closed, decorative shutters obviously leave a little more wiggle room. However, even though you don’t need precise measurements for closing purposes, you still don’t want your decorative shutters to look too big or too small. So, what size is right?

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We recommend following this simple formula:

Measure the full width of your window, then divide by two. 

The reason? Well, even though your shutters are decorative, they should still look like they could potentially close and cover your windows. Passersby aren’t likely to get close enough to inspect whether or not your shutters are operational — they’re more likely to see shutters that look too large and too small and wonder why you made that choice. 

For accurate measuring, we recommend finding a partner to help you hold the tape measure. The last thing you want to do is go to the trouble of measuring, only to find out the tape measure slipped on one end and you were off by a few inches.

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But otherwise…that’s it! Figuring out what size shutters you need truly couldn’t be easier. 

Of course, it’s important to note that the size of your decorative shutters comes down to personal preference above all. You may want shutters a little oversized or undersized to get the look you want — and that’s fine! However, if you’re looking for a traditional look, ordering shutters that are half the size of your windows is an easy way to achieve just that. Need a little more info? Check out our full measuring guide

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