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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Home in a Humid Climate

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Living in a humid climate definitely has its perks. Often, high humidity means close proximity to a body of water and you also likely enjoy warm weather well into the fall. However, it can wreak havoc on your home if you aren’t prepared to deal with the side effects.

The number one danger to your home if you live in a humid climate is mold growth. Since mold thrives in damp, dark places, it’s important to first identify the problem areas of your home — then get to work preparing to counteract the side effects.

Here’s how you can maintain your home in a humid climate:

Use your air conditioner and fans

Cool, dry air is the opposite of humidity, so making sure your air conditioner stays at a constant temperature is key. You can also run fans in problem areas, like basements or laundry rooms, to provide even less inspiration for mold to grow. Dehumidifiers can also work great in these areas.

Invest in composite shutters

Wood is porous, making it the perfect material for mold and warping to occur. However, with non-porous composite shutters, you don’t have to worry about humidity causing damage. Instead, you can enjoy mold-free, worry-free shutters for a long time. 

Allow air to circulate

Keep all the doors in your home open as much as possible to promote air flow. While it can be tempting to leave some rooms closed off when they aren’t in use to save on your air conditioning costs, doing so could leave those rooms susceptible to mold growth.

Insulate when possible

When the air outside is hot, you want the inside of your home to stay cool. That’s why investing in energy-efficient windows and ensuring any air or duct leaks are sealed can make a huge difference in how your home reacts to high humidity.

With these steps, you can ensure frizzy hair is the only thing you have to worry about when humidity sets in.

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