Material Sample & Color Swatch Kit

Free $9.99 Save $9.99

Making a decision on new shutters for your home can be difficult. We make it easier by sending you a comprehensive color sample and swatch kit for a small fee, which we refund upon placement of a full size order (see terms and conditions for details). We’re excited to be a part of your home project!

Note, we will refund the price of the sample kit or credit the amount to you only upon placing a full order. A full order is considered $350 or more in price. 

This kit includes:

  • Four 2.75" x 2.5" material samples in pine, cedar, mahogany (currently samples are out of stock for mahogany) & composite wood
  • Vinyl sample shutter color ring
  • Paint options swatch
  • You’ll also find some informative pieces to help you make the right decision for you home.

*Limit one per customer 

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