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Hot Home Color Trends: Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

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With so much time social distancing at home last year, many people took to home improvements — and they haven’t stopped! Painting your home’s exterior can make a night-and-day difference in appearance. And so if you’re ready to give your house a whole new look from the outside in, check out the top paint trends of 2021:

Creamy Whites

Yep, you’d better believe it. The return of tans, taupes and “greiges” to the design mainstream means that a warmer, off-white color will make plenty of appearances on the outsides of homes this year. This creamy alternative is in contrast to the stark, crisp whites of recent years.

Dark Hues 

Dark, moody, bold — there’s so much to love about this trend! Dark grays, pewter, and gray-toned earthy colors are all-around more popular choices this year, but charcoal stands out as a favorite. “Wrought Iron” by Benjamin Moore (and others that are similar) is especially having a moment right now. 

Slate Blue

There’s something timeless about this dark, clean color. A slate blue house (think “Hale Navy” by Benjamin Moore or “Dark Denim” by Behr) stands out in the neighborhood without ever screaming “LOOK AT ME!” — and that’s a win in our book. 

Contrasting Colors

In 2021, more and more homeowners will likely opt not only for a new exterior paint color — but for multiple colors! For example, 2021 will likely see a much bolder approach to unmatching trim and two-toned houses. Think warm white paint with black-trimmed windows, or a natural wood-toned garage facade and trim alongside an ocean blue house color. The sky’s the limit!

Pale Blue/Green Accent

Another on-trend color decision in 2021 is using a mild blue or pale green to complement a lighter house color. For shutters, doors, and more, it adds a pretty pop of soft color. Something about this pairing is calming and happy — and isn’t that what we all need more of after all that happened in 2020?!

What do you say — ready to refresh your home’s exterior?