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Should a Home’s Exterior Hardware Match?

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When it comes to curb appeal, you’ll find a plethora of online opinions on everything from landscape design to paint colors. But you know what they say: The devil’s in the details, which brings us to today’s question: Does your exterior hardware need to match?

The short answer: No, but it’s your call. 

From the door handle and knocker to the light fixtures and mail slot, there are several small — but significant — ways that your exterior finishes can make your home stand out in the best way. Here are a few tips to think about as you add exterior hardware to your home.

Consider your interior.

Beyond curb appeal, your exterior hardware sets the tone for what the rest of your home has to offer. You want to consider your home’s interior decor when selecting your exterior hardware — even if it isn’t an exact twin. 

The key (no pun intended) is to focus on complementary finishes between inside and out, not matchy-matchy. Think of your facade as a first impression to all the wonderful things waiting within.

Contrast can work.

Think of your hardware as siblings, but not twins. You want them in the same family, but they don’t need to be identical. Mixing hardware shapes and finishes can quickly add an interesting dimension to a home — both indoors and out. 

Strong contrasts in your hardware finishes can make a facade more interesting, but stick to about two thoughtful combinations. You don’t want too many conflicting design elements happening at once or it can feel like your eye doesn’t know where to look first.

Let your home’s personality shine.

Ultimately, it’s YOUR home — and the exterior should reflect that! If you’re not into strong contrasts, pick one finish that you absolutely love and run with it. There’s no true right or wrong when it comes to your exterior hardware matching. 

It’s worth considering your neighborhood, the age and history of your home, and the design vibe you want to give off right away. In the end, your personal preference is the correct choice.

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