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Trend Alert: Monochromatic Exteriors

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One popular decorating decision that’s gained popularity in recent years is the monochrome home. When it comes to exterior paint colors, more and more people are opting for a tone-on-tone look. The result can be cohesive and calming — and who doesn’t want to come home to more calm at the end of a busy day? 

Monochromatic exterior colors can instantly give a home a modern, minimalist feel. Essentially, the style is to have your shutters, trim, door, and exterior paint have one clean, consistent look. It sounds deceptively simple: The goal is to use the same color palette, but you need to include varying textures and hues so that the look doesn’t fall flat. 

If monochromatic modern is the vibe you’re going for, be sure to check out these inspiration images!

monochromatic house

Source: Kaemingk Design

Note how on this home, the window trim is the same as the exterior paint, but the different front door really pops.

Source: deezeen

If you zoom in, you can see that although the same color is used on the roof and exterior, it’s made up of an intricate pattern, which adds interest. 

Source: Family Handy Man

This home has the same hue all over, but uses varying tints to pack a punch. 

monochromatic house

Source: Apartment Therapy

Note how the garage door and stair railings match the house, but the window trim really stands out as a feature. 

If matchy-matchy, isn’t your style, consider a lighter or darker tone of the same shade. One hack: Use the same exact paint color, but have the store mix it with 50% white for a lighter color. 

Perhaps you can venture into this modern monochrome look without totally repainting your entire exterior — but just changing up the shutters and door. 

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