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3 Steps To Preventing Winter Weather Damage

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Snow on the ground and ice on the trees may look pretty, but winter weather can cause sneaky damages to your home — especially if you aren’t prepared. However, while you can’t always predict the weather, you can take steps to lessen the impact snow and ice can have on your home. Here are three preventative measures to take to ward off damages from the cold.

Clean out your gutters

While this may be the “ugly stepchild” of home tasks, keeping your gutters clean is important to ensure water — like from melting snow! — is diverted away from your home. If your gutters get backed up with leaves and debris, it can cause water to pool and run down the side of your house, potentially causing damage to your foundation or even flooding into a basement. Plus, leaving damp leaves in your gutters for too long may eventually cause them to decompose and rot, making the problem much less pleasant to mitigate.

Rather than risk these potential worst-case scenarios, take some time this weekend to ensure your gutters are prepared to take on winter melt. Not only is cleaning out your gutters likely to take less time than you think it will, but you’ll be glad to have peace of mind all winter long.

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Seal your windows and doors

Taking on this task can both prevent potential damages and lower your utility bill — which is a win/win if we’ve ever heard one. By sealing your windows and doors, you can also seal out drafts that make your home less energy efficient. However, you’ll also seal out moisture that can lead to weathering and rot that shorten the lifespan of your windows and doors. With two benefits for the price of one task, this is one you should definitely check off your list.

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Assess the trees in your yard

One of the highest risks to your home and property during the winter are the trees in your yard. Heavy ice and snow can weigh down branches, leaving your home vulnerable if you have trees in fall range. Before the next big snow fall, take time to remove any dead branches and trim back any problem areas so you won’t have to worry about crashing branches or falling trees.

With these three safety measures checked off your list, you’ll have the peace of mind to sit back and enjoy the cozy winter months, knowing your home is protected from major damages.

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