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4 Timeless Home Exterior Trends

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Curb appeal can be such a fun — and elusive — concept. While it’s fun to try out different trends, your home’s exterior typically means some pretty big purchases. Since that’s the case, you likely want to stick to more timeless design ideas that you won’t dislike years down the road. Ahead, discover four home exterior trends that aren’t going anywhere fast.

Classic colors

The most impactful element of your home’s exterior is arguably its paint color. If you want a look that won’t make you scratch your head in wonder five years from now, it’s best to select something classic. Classic does not mean boring — it simply means choosing a color that stands the test of time. A wonderful place to start is by sifting through historic home collections (Benjamin Moore has one, as does Sherwin-Williams).

brick house with black shutters


Simple architectural elements 

It can be tempting to add every neat design idea you’ve ever seen on HGTV, but trust us when we say that less is more. Adding gables to the roof may have worked on that house you saw down the street, but it may look over-the-top on your home. Instead, take a step back and think about the permanence and cost — you don’t want to tackle something time-consuming, unchangeable or expensive only to be stuck with a style you hate in about a decade. It’s best to err on the side of simple. 

cream house with cream shutters


Naturally pleasing landscape design

Landscape design — good or bad — does count toward your home’s total exterior appearance. Although you don’t need to plan symmetrical shrubs down to the inch, a sense of balance is important in your yard. Consider the height of your hedges, the colors that will be in bloom simultaneously, and the way the landscape draws the eye to the house.

black shutters covered in vines


The right shutter shape

Shutters are a timeless exterior home element that can add a large amount of “oomph” for a relatively low cost. Finding the right shutter shape (and color!) for your home is an important piece of the puzzle. No need to get too inventive or try to be overly creative with your shutters — there are plenty of varying shapes that all fall within the classic category. 

And because Monument Shutters have durable design that’s built to last, you’ll be especially glad you chose a timeless shutter style years and years from now. Find the shape that best suits your home.

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