Tackling Trim Color: How to Enhance Windows & Bring Out Your Home’s Best Features

Tackling Trim Color: How to Enhance Windows & Bring Out Your Home’s Best Features

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Although it doesn’t take up a large percentage of total house paint, window trim is the decorative detail that can lift a facade and enhance your home’s best features. Whether you’re going for a look that’s classically coastal, bold and modern, or more subdued in hue, these tips will help you find the perfect color for your exterior trim.

How to Choose Window Trim Color:

First, decide whether you like high contrast or a monochromatic look. A high-contrast color scheme can highlight your home’s architecture and make the windows really stand out. Contrasting paint trim is currently on-trend, and is a popular choice for an array of home styles. However, using a more simple color palette can give a house a modern, seamless look. It all comes down to personal preference!

  • Bright white trim on a home with darker siding (like dark gray, navy, or brown) is a can’t-fail option. Because it makes other colors appear more vibrant, white trim is a solid choice if you feel your dark-colored home looks a bit dull.
gray colored house with white trim

Source: phinneydesign.com

  • Black trim on a light or white home is a choice that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Depending on the home style, this color combo produces a high-end, modern aesthetic — and especially if the home features large windows. Many builders and homeowners with this trim color opt out of shutters for a more minimalist look, but there is no rule that says you can or can’t have shutters.
White House with black trim

Source: J. Taylor Designs

  • Colored trim is a contemporary choice that can add cheer and personality to a home. For a bold effect, match your colored window trim with your shutters for a seamless effect. This works well with earthy tones like olive or rust, as well as bright colors like yellow or baby blue.
green colored exterior window trim

Source: nextluxury.com

Should your trim match your shutters?

While your trim and shutters should be coordinated, they are not required to match. For shutter color selection, follow the same line of thinking as you do with your trim color: You either want to go for a complementary contrasting color or use the same exact shade as your trim for a more monochromatic look. Whichever way you go, you just want to avoid a clashing color. Many homeowners find success in using one signature color for the shutters, but using a lighter or darker shade of the paint color for the trim.

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