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Try These 7 Easy, Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades

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You don't have to undertake a costly renovation to make your home feel fresh. In many cases, some of the smallest upgrades can make the biggest difference — both in how you enjoy your space and in the value of your home.  

Here's a list of seven easy upgrades you can make to your home without breaking your budget: 

  • Get rid of your popcorn ceiling. While this might be a messy upgrade, it's simple to do and virtually free, but will instantly make the rooms in your home look more modern. Just make sure you check the ceiling for asbestos first if you live in an older home. 
  • Add built-in shelving. With just a few tools, you can add free-standing shelving that adds both form and function. 
  • Upgrade cabinet pulls. This is typically managed with just a screwdriver and is a great way to make your cabinets look fresh without having to buy all new ones. If it's just the finish and not the shape of your cabinet pulls that date your kitchen, consider simply painting them for a new look. 
  • Paint your shutters. Whether your existing paint has seen better days or you want a whole new color scheme, painting your shutters has big payoff for minimal effort. 
  • Upgrade your light fixtures. If you're tired of that same old dining room chandelier (or worse, those living room dome lights), find something that better suits your space and swap it out. 
  • Add molding. While this upgrade will require slightly more DIY skills, it might not be as daunting as you think — and it can instantly make a room feel more pulled together. 
  • Paint your interior doors. If your doors are scratched and scuffed from overuse, add a fresh coat of paint and marvel at the difference. 

Even better? Most of these changes can be accomplished over a weekend. Try one (or a few!) and see how good it feels to upgrade on a budget. 

Does the problem with your shutters go beyond paint? Let us help you start fresh.