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You Have Your Sample Kit…Now What?

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Choosing your shutter material and finish is a big decision — and as nice as images look online, the final product can be difficult to picture. Rather than rely entirely on your imagination, we have a better solution: order a sample kit!

When your kit arrives in the mail, it will include a few practical items to help you make the best shutter decision possible for your home. In addition to our vinyl sample shutter color ring, you’ll also get a sample of composite wood and a swatch with paint options. This allows you to not only feel your potential shutter material, but also hold up sample colors to the siding or brick of your home.

Since there’s a lot of misinformation out there about composite and vinyl shutters, getting a sample to better understand the material is the best way to feel confident in your choice. Even if you’re fairly certain what color choice you’d like for your shutters, spend some time holding the color ring or swatch card up to the outside of your home during different times of day to see how the light effects your preference.

Once you’ve made your choice, here’s a little extra piece of good news: the price of your sample kit will be credited toward the purchase of a full order — essentially making it a free way to gain the information you need. When you look at it that way, there’s really no reason to not start your decision-making process with a sample kit.

Start your shutter buying journey today with the insights and options you need to feel confident in your decision before you buy.

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