Shutter-Lok Fasteners


1 Pack (12 Count)
10 Pack (120 Count)
50 Pack (600 Count)

Easy installation—and a color-through design that doesn't scratch, flake or fade—make Shutter-Lok fasteners a reliable, secure choice.

Available in multiple quantities. Choose from any of our standard vinyl shutter finishes.

Length: 3"

Please note that actual colors may vary from those shown on screen.

House with brown flat panel shutters

Forget what you thought you knew about vinyl.

This material is totally improved compared to the vinyl that was on the market 20 years ago — and it’s stronger than ever. When it comes to budget and maintenance, Duralok® Vinyl shutters are hard to beat.

Made Of...

maintenance-free, UV-stabilized polypropylene

Ideal For...

high humidity & moist conditions

Thanks to its versatility, affordability, and low maintenance, vinyl shutters are a popular choice among homebuilders and individual homeowners alike.

Easy upkeep is the name of the vinyl game. Because vinyl is made from a plastic material, it is less likely to succumb to mold, decay, and other common culprits in moisture-dense climates. Plus, they’re easy to wipe clean!

Like wooden shutters, our Duralok® Vinyl shutters are available in a wide range of colors that suit every home style. And, vinyl is lightweight in nature, making these shutters a breeze to install.

“They look like wooden shutters.They are also reasonably priced which was the tipping point for our purchase.”

Not all vinyl shutters are created equally. Vinyl is notoriously low-cost, and if you don’t opt for a high quality build, it tends to look low-cost too. Thankfully, our Duralok® Vinyl shutters mean you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and affordability.

Our vinyl shutters are made from the best quality materials. engineered for durability, and designed for beautiful curb appeal. Whether used in a new or existing home, you'll find that each of our products is easy to install, low maintenance and built to provide lasting beauty.

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