Vinyl | Louver Over Raised Panel Exterior Shutters | 18" Width | Straight Top | with Mid Rail (50/50 Split) | 1 Pair

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18" x 31"
18" x 36"
18" x 39"
18" x 43"
18" x 48"
18" x 52"
18" x 55"
18" x 60"
18" x 64"
18" x 67"
18" x 72"

Crafted with precision, these non-functional louvered vinyl shutters over raised panel boast crisp angles and sleek lines, crowned by a straight top, exuding both vertical and horizontal appeal. Their classic and clean design complements various architectural styles, making them a perfect fit for colonial, historical, and ranch-style homes.

Please bear in mind that the colors depicted on your screen may not precisely match the actual product due to individual monitor limitations. While we strive to achieve accuracy in color representation, screen images are intended as a reference only and should not be considered entirely precise. 

This a split panel (with a rail divider set in the middle) shutter and is 18" in width (per shutter in pair).

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